God is Faithful: Comfort God's People | 5.28.23

Isaiah 40

1. How does the history of Israel’s and Judah’s invasion by foreign powers, the deportation of their citizens, and the suffering that was experienced in exile parallel the experience of all people? How is the message of Isaiah 40 “good news” to those who are suffering because of sin?

2. When have you experienced God’s comfort? How is the comfort of God and the call to carry a cross complimentary activities? How is the comfort that God offers to us different from the comfort that people so often seek?

3. When and how have you sought comfort in activities that were damaging to you or others? How can you more thoroughly seek the comfort that God offers us in Christ? (John 14:26)

4. How would you distinguish between being comfortable and receiving God’s comfort? How would you distinguish between experiencing pleasure and experiencing God’s comfort? How does the comfort God offers us in Christ compel us in ways that are different from the world? (2 Corinthians 1:3-7)

God is Faithful: Hezekiah's Reign | 5.21.23

Isaiah 36-39

1. How might you describe the purpose of prayer to an elementary age child? How has your understanding of God's purposes for prayer grown over the years?

2. What concerns have you “spread” before the LORD in prayer and how have you seen him answer in times past? (Isaiah 37:14) What concerns are you laying before the LORD currently?

3. How has your prayer life grown, or faltered, in the last year? What has contributed to the growth, or faltering, of your prayer life? How might your prayer life be strengthened going forward?

4. Although Hezekiah responded well to the threat of Assyrian invasion by turning to God in prayer, he didn’t finish his reign well. What do you feel tripped him up in his walk of faith? (Isaiah 39)