Certain About Jesus | 1.24.21

LUKE 13:22-30

1. How have you historically understood the “narrowness” of salvation, and how was today’s description similar to or different from your historic understanding?

2. What are the most common objections to salvation by grace through faith in Jesus? How do you answer those objections? What makes salvation by grace, “apart from anything we do,” a narrow gate? (Ephesians 2:8-10)

3. Why do you suppose Jesus directs us to “make every effort” to enter the narrow door, if salvation is a gift received, rather than a reward earned?

4. Why do you suppose that Jesus didn’t answer directly the question on how many would be saved? What other questions have you wished that Jesus had answered, and why do you feel he didn’t address those questions directly?

5. What unanswered questions do you most often see distracting people in today’s culture from taking action on the answers that are clearly provided in Scripture?

Certain About Jesus | 1.17.21

LUKE 12:1-13:9

1. How have the events of the last 12 months made you feel? Which of the events of the last 12 months (e.g. pandemic, racism, demonstrations, election difficulties) have given you the most concern?

2. What meaning, significance, interpretation have you typically given to the events of the last 12 months?

3. What role do you assign to sin and God’s judgement in the unfolding events of our day? How would you apply Romans 1:18-32 to what we are experiencing in today’s events?

4. When do you remember first repenting of sin? What was your experience, whether positive or negative, in repentance? How do you evidence a posture of ongoing repentance in your life? (Romans 2:4, Ephesians 2:1-10)

5. Why do you think those present told Jesus about the Galileans whose blood was mixed with sacrifices? (Luke 13:1) How do you see people responding to the message of coming judgement much like the crowd of Jesus’ day?