Revelation from God 9.26.21

Revelation 2:1-3:22

1. What would you say to the church of America? What complement/s would you offer to the American Church and what critique would you offer? What need is there for the church in America to “overcome”?

2. Given Jesus’ critical assessment of the seven churches in Revelation, what might the American church learn and how best might the American church respond?

3. Why is evaluation and critique needed in the Christian life, and how might we go about evaluating ourselves? How might we go about evaluating one another constructively?

4. Whom do you trust to carry the words of Jesus to you, whether positive or negative? Why do you trust that person? Give examples of times when you received critique from someone that you trusted.

5. One a scale of one to ten, rate your ability to offer compliments and constructive critique to others? Explain the rating you gave yourself and how you might grow to be a better friend?


Revelation of Christ 9.19.21

Revelation 1:9-20 

1.  Do you like doing puzzles? Why or why not?  How is reading and interpreting Scripture similar to doing a puzzle?

2.  Using the puzzle analogy, what is the “big picture” of the book of Revelation, and what “frames” our understanding of the book of Revelation? Use verses from Revelation 1 to support your thoughts.

3.  How do you picture Jesus? How is the description in Revelation 1:12-16 similar to and/or different from how you picture Jesus? What about the description of Jesus is both comforting and challenging? 

4.  How have you historically viewed the importance of the Church? How is your historic view of the importance of the Church similar to or different from the importance placed upon the Church in the book of Revelation 1-3?

5.  How are you involved in your local church? How is your involvement in the local church consistent with, or inconsistent with, the importance you place on the Church?

6.  What steps can you take so that your involvement in the local church better reflects the biblical importance placed upon the church?