We're convinced that a person's faith comes most alive in the context of an intentional community that regularly reflects on scripture. To do that, we each have to take a next step, moving beyond showing up on Sundays. Small Groups are the primary vehicle for us to consider how the lesson from Sunday can and should change our lives. Consider taking this necessary next step in your own growth, by signing-up to join a small group.


This fall we're adding topical small groups to help people continue connecting with one another and growing in their faith. These groups are intended for people looking to join a short-term group. They will meet once a week, online, for just one hour to facilitate discussion around their related topic. Groups will begin meeting the first week of October and finish before Thanksgiving, with a total of six meetings.

Each week you'll read or watch a lesson digging into the biblical response to your topic. You should plan to come to your group time prepared to discuss and reflect on that week's lesson.

The topics of these groups will be:

Biblical Justice led by Simone and Anthony Halpin (Thursday, 7-8PM)
This group will consider what the bible has to say about justice and the role Christians play in participating in biblical justice.

The Meaning of Marriage led by Sue and Mark Macaluso (Tuesday, 7-8PM)
This group will use Tim Keller's book as the basis of their weekly study. They will consider what God say's about marriage and how spouses can care well for one another.

Redeeming Work led by Gayle and Scott Lollar (Sunday, 7-8PM)
Using videos from Andy Crouch, this group will consider God's view of work and the way He has intended our work to bring redemption to the world around us.

Parenting Young Children led by Amy and Chris Coyle (Sunday, 7-8PM)
Following a video series by Les and Leslie Parrott, this group will talk about best practices for growing as parents and the ways our own development contributes to raising young kids.

If interested in learning more about small groups, please email Grant Armstrong.


Each October and February we help people get connected by launching new small groups. The first few weeks share our vision for group life and help people get to know one another.

If you have interest in joining a group, click HERE


During the week, some small groups spend time discussing the sermon from the previous Sunday and how the message may work out in our life.This practice allows our groups to reflect and respond to scripture in concrete ways as a community. 

Click HERE to find the weekly small group questions.