Senior Pastor Dr. Kelly Brady has written a few books on living a Christian life, and whether you are new to the faith or you’ve been following Christ for years, these words and stories may aid you on your journey. If you attend GEBC you are welcome to a complimentary copy of each of these books at no charge. Just ask pastoral staff for a copy.  If you are not a regular attender at GEBC, you can find these books on sale at Amazon.

FOLLOWING JESUS: Whether you are a non-Christian, wanting to understand better the beliefs of Christians, or a Christian wanting a succinct definition of discipleship, Following Jesus is for you. In that first-century world disciples were those who detached themselves from their own way of life and reattached themselves to a rabbi (teacher), committing themselves to his service and to becoming like him in every way.  When following a rabbi, first-century disciples would pay attention to every word he spoke and every move he made, sometimes even trying to mimic his mannerisms. So complete was a disciple’s commitment to the rabbi that it became the defining element of their character, and the nature of what it means to be a disciple has not changed in over 2000 years. Following Jesus is aimed at defining discipleship in order to help those following after Jesus better understand his call upon their lives. Click here to find it on amazon or you can download an electronic version (.pdf) here


WAIT WHAT?: Jesus described himself as the Good Shepherd and those who follow after him as his sheep (John 10:11). Being compared to sheep is not flattering, as there are stories of sheep walking into an open fire. There are also stories of sheep stuck on their back and unable to right themselves. It’s called being “cast.” The short of it is that sheep can be too weak to care for themselves and too stubborn to change course, a deadly combination. Yet, I must be honest. I certainly find within myself a lot of sheep-like tendencies. Jesus is the Good Shepherd, but he also gifts some to help him in his work (Ephesians 4:11-12). That’s my passion. I love helping other sheep follow the Good Shepherd. Toward that end, this book is a collection of sermon excerpts from the last couple decades. The title, “Wait…What?” came from my teenage children, who daily remind me of the value of repeating important messages. The chapters are short, which can be read in under 12 minutes. Going Deeper discussion questions are also included. These questions are designed to help the reader apply the teaching to their life, as well as facilitate discussion with others. Click here to find it on amazon or you can download an electronic version (.pdf) here


DRIVE-THRU THEOLOGY: People have lots of questions about what the Bible teaches, but very little time. This book provides quick answers for those on the go. Offering concise theological statements on a broad range of topics, this book is meant to be a quick reference guide. Sprinkled throughout are also short answers to commonly asked questions about Christian faith. Questions like: “How much faith is needed to receive healing?” and “Why might our prayers go unanswered?” As a pastor, I am reminded daily that shepherds do not grow the grass. Shepherds simply point to where they can find the grass. This means anytime we are caring for others spiritually, our job is to simply point to the truth found in Scripture. Our job is not to try and create food, but rather direct them to the nourishment of Scripture. Ultimately, it is only the truth of God’s Word that sustains God’s people. It is tempting to offer our own wisdom when guiding others spiritually, or the popular psychology of the day. But the greatest need we have is to hear the truth of God’s Word, because it is the Scripture that is “God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16). Click here to find it on amazon or you can download an electronic version (.pdf) here.