We encourage every one who is a part of the GEBC family to be involved in service at the church for at least 1 hour a week. There are lots of opportunities to get involved, see the list below and contact the staff person listed to get plugged in: 

Children's Ministry: Kids' Ministry offers the opportunity to care for kids and families as greeters, Sunday school teachers, nursery caregivers and special needs buddies. Contact Amy Coyle: acoyle@gebible.org

Group Leadership: A willingness to facilitate meaningful group discussion is an essential component to successful discipleship and community at the church in our coed, women's, and men's groups. Contact Grant Armstong: garmstrong@gebible.org

Welcome Team: Each Sunday we create a welcoming spaces that communicates to every guest they are loved by Jesus and his church.Contact Carolyn Docter: cdocter@gebible.org

Care Center: Partner with our under-resourced neighbors as we collectively pursue God's compassion, wholeness, and healing. Contact Sarah March: smarch@gebible.org

Global Engagement: Engaging the World With the Gospel and serving our Sending Partners locally and abroad. Contact John Foster: jfoster@gebible.org

Local Engagement: We have ministry partnerships all over the community. Join us in making an immediate impact in our church and neighborhoods. Contact Sarah March: smarch@gebible.org

Hospitality: Help us setup, run, or cleanup Sunday morning hospitality. Contact Carolyn Docter: cdocter@gebible.org

Worship & The Arts: You can help lead our church in worshipping God if you play an instrument, sing, make art or are interested in the production aspects of a worship service. Contact Matt Marron: mmarron@gebible.org