Below you will find links that allow you to participate in Sunday morning worship remotely. Each Sunday morning at 9am we will stream the Sunday service live. Below, we also have Going Deeper questions for adults to help with your learning and engagement of the sermon.

Together for the Gospel | 1.29.23
Acts 15:1-35

1. How have you historically defined the Gospel and what role did human effort play in your definition? How is your historic understanding of the Gospel similar to and/or different from the definition offered by the Jerusalem Council? (Acts 15:5-21)

2. According to Peter, what is the “yoke” that Jews had not been able to bear? (Acts 15:10) Compared with how the “party of the Pharisees” presented the Gospel (Acts 15:5), how is the definition of the Gospel offered by the Jerusalem Council truly “good news”? (Acts 15:11)

3. The “party of the Pharisees” was trying to “add” requirements to salvation. How have you experienced people trying to “add” requirements to the message of the Gospel? (Ephesians 2:8-10)

4. What elements of the Jerusalem Council’s decision show sensitivity to the Jewish community? What role is a sensitivity to the conscience of others to play in the lives of Christians? On what topics/issues do Christians today often demonstrate a sensitivity toward one another? (Romans 14:1-23)